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Grand Opening 

21 June 2024 

Chef’s Cuts, the popular dining destination saluting the bountiful joys of Western comfort food, opens a fourth outlet in Hong Kong on 21 June 2024 at THE SOUTHSIDE in the heart of happening Wong Chuk Hang.

Occupying a prominent spot in the Southern District’s landmark mall, the new 3,000-square-foot Chef’s Cuts Restaurant & Bar marks a milestone for the brand known for its warm, rustic restaurants and feel-good sustainable spirit. Leveraging parent company Food Square’s expertise, the culinary team crafts an array of hearty meats, fresh seafood, healthy salads, luscious pastas, Catalan flatbreads and innovative baked desserts, using premium, sustainable ingredients from around the world. Artisanal seasonings, sauces and toppings enhance the natural goodness of each dish. 

“Sustainability is the gold standard for good living today, and at Chef’s Cuts, we apply it in every possible aspect of our operation, from the sourcing of our meat and seafood to the reduction of waste in our kitchen to our carbon footprint,” says Angelo McDonnell, CEO of Food Square & Cafe Deco Group. “The focus is on simple, yet skilful cooking of only the best ingredients, and an awareness that we must preserve nature’s blessings for future generations.” 

Our Dishes

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